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Clarity Connect

Learn why Clarity Connect is the best contact center for Skype for Business and Office 365.

Connect - Quick Overview

Clarity Connect 4.1 is available for Skype for Business and it's a game changer. Customer experience is front and center with Clarity Connect. See how we can change everything from administration and monitoring to the end user experience!

Help Desk

Help Desk Routing with Clarity Connect on Skype for Business made simple, and done right. Find out how powering your Help Desk with intelligent routing from Clarity Connect can take Skype for Business and Collaboration into a new era.

Post Call and IM Surveys

How can you get powerful feedback from your customers about their experiences with your company? Use Clarity Connect Post Session Surveys native to Skype for Business.

Call Flow Editor Overview

This is a brief overview of the call flow editor for Clarity Connect. A visual way to build, manage and maintain call and IM workflows with powerful abilities in a simple user friendly interface.

Microsoft Dynamics  with Clarity Connect

Take a peek at how Microsoft Dynamics can power the intelligent decisions in your call center and still be the repository for all records. A brief view of the experience and power behind the intelligent routing possible when integrating with customer data.

Partner Conversations with Clarity Connect

Jon Rauschenberger, CTO of Clarity Connect, discusses Skype for Business and provides an early glimpse into the next release of Connect.

What is Intelligent Routing?

A brief walkthrough of what Intelligent Routing can mean with Clarity Connect and the truly unified communications and collaboration of Skype for Business or Lync from Microsoft.

90 Seconds with Clarity Connect

A very brief description of the power and capabilities of the Clarity Connect product.

Web Gateway in a Nutshell

This is a brief overview of what the Web Gateway add-on for Clarity Connect is capable of and how simple it is to use.

IM Routing in Clarity Connect

This video walks you through the user experience, agent experience, and some of the supervisor abilities for IM routing in Clarity Connect. For most companies, IM is used significantly more often than voice or video.  See how Clarity Connect enables employees to use their preferred means of communication to get in touch with the experts in your organization.