Replacing your phone system? Why this is the perfect time to consider redesigning your Contact Center

If you’re thinking about implementing a new phone system, PBX, or VOIP, try not to simply recreate your existing environment. Take advantage of the opportunity to start fresh and reassess your business needs as they are today, not as they were when you implemented your old system. In my 10 plus years as a consultant I have been brought in on so many engagements as the expert and told to recreate what they do today, exactly as it is. Many times, this isn’t the way to focus your efforts – instead you should determine the following: • How have things changed in your business from when you first implemented this system to now? • Is there anyone who is still with the company who can explain why they were set up that way? • Were things configured this way due to limitations of the primitive phone system, or queuing logic of the time that are no longer relevant? • Were they configured this way due to business practices that are no longer in use? • Are there new features and functionality you could take advantage of to do things better?

This is the best time to revisit your business practices and do what makes sense for today. People interact with companies in different ways now than they did 5 or 10 years ago. Take advantage of new abilities that did not exist 10 or more years ago when that phone system was installed. Contact center software options like Clarity Connect for Microsoft Lync offer the ability to see real time presence and reach out to subject matter experts within your organization, or even (through Federation) to experts in your partner organizations instantly. This could not be done in the past. This allows for faster response times, more often for first call resolution, and overall better customer experiences as well as lower hold times, faster handle times, and much more.

This is the digital age and customer expectations are high. Customers expect ever easier and multi-channel avenues to reach help, sales and support within an organization. They expect to reach the people who can solve their issue on the first call most of the time. With Clarity Connect we offer Web Chat to allow you to have an interface from your website that allows customers to reach a skilled agent based on choices they make to answer questions, assist with sales, support or whatever the pain points are for your customers. Remember, customers are coming to you for a need they have. The better you solve that need, the happier they are. Web chat was not an option in older systems, so re-creating your existing environment without evaluating new support channels would not take advantage of this feature.

Skills-based routing helps, but Presence, helps even more. Being able to see the status of other agents, subject matter experts both within your company, supervisors, and any partner organizations you are federated with allows your agents to get quick answers that come straight from the most qualified resources available. Again, this is something that was not an option years ago. Be sure to consult with the right resources before simply re-creating your existing environment. We realize the importance of aligning the contact center with the overall communications needs and strategy of your business – that’s why we built Clarity Connect so closely to Microsoft Lync. We bought into the unified communications platform concept and we begin every project with a discussion to determine your business needs, the strategic vision of your contact center and the overall experience you determine is best for your contact center team and the customers that they service.

I mentioned just a couple new features now available in the modern contact center. There are more. The goal is to investigate the new options available today, and openly evaluate adding new features and avenues for your customers to get the fastest, simplest help for their needs that fit the way they work. The beauty is, you’ll likely get more features, functionality, and an improved user experience for a lower price point than your traditional contact center of the past. Ask us how.

Lastly, ask yourself: What have you done to improve your customer experience today?