Error about SIPEPS DLL with UCMA 4.0

One of the first issues you may run into when trying out the new version of UCMA is an exception that says a DLL called SIPEPS, Version= could not be found. This happened to me, and a few other people I''ve spoken to had this problem as well. So, to help anyone else who gets this exception, here are a few troubleshooting steps that should fix it. The exception can be very bewildering because UCMA projects don''t require an explicit reference to this SIPEPS DLL, and often you''ll get the exception even if you locate the DLL and move it into the same directory as your application. It turns out that it''s usually caused by one of two things:

  1. You''ve targeted the wrong version of the .NET Framework.
  2. You''ve targeted the wrong type of CPU.

So, before getting too frustrated, open up the properties for your project in Visual Studio 2012 and make sure .NET Framework 4.5 is selected. (If you''re not running Visual Studio 2012, you have a somewhat larger problem, because you can''t use .NET 4.5 with Visual Studio 2010 and earlier.) If you had an earlier version of the framework selected, change it, rebuild the project, and try again. UCMA 4.0 lists .NET 4.5 as a requirement.

If you''re still getting the exception, check the target platform and make sure it is Any CPU or x64 for all projects. UCMA has only worked on 64-bit machines since the 3.0 version, and what sometimes happens is that a project will get inadvertently set to x86, and will therefore try to load a 32-bit version of SIPEPS.dll on startup. Well, there isn''t a 32-bit version of SIPEPS.dll; hence the somewhat misleading exception.

If neither of these steps solves your problem and you''re still getting the exception about SIPEPS, definitely let me know by posting a comment here and I''ll do my best to help.