UCWA - Issue #2 Help my browser wants to download /xframe

A fair number of developers have run into an issue while attempting to run the samples (contained in the UCWA Helper Libraries). Originally I thought it might have been something quirky about the setup I have locally as I already had IIS setup with a MIME type for .json. After further examination I found the root cause to be a missed step in the enabling of UCWA on a Lync Server 2013.

Quick Install Guide

  1. Upgrade to CU1
  2. Read ITAdmin-Configuration and for your sanity run bootstrapper!
  3. Determine what domain you plan on hosting samples and put it on the allowed list (previous ITAdmin-Configuration link provides steps)
  4. Host the samples / UCWA code and test it out

But I've done all that...

If you believe you have done all of the above and it is still not working it is time to jump into some web requests. A normal request on a Lync Server 2013 (with CU1) to https://lyncdiscover.domain.com/xframe (or https://lyncdiscoverinternal.domain.com/xframe depends on configuration...) should yield the result below:

In the case where bootstrapper was not run you may see results similar to the following:

One of the neat things to note about this server state is that any request to https://lyncdiscover.domain.com/xx will return application/json and this conflicts with the text/html request resulting in a 406 (Not Acceptable). What running bootstrapper after upgrading to CU1 achieves is enabling IIS routing rules to allow the download of /xframe instead of a redirect. If all goes well the request should result in the /xframe html downloaded and you can continue running the samples.