Beef stew changed my outlook on customer expectations

I just saw an article titled "A recipe for reasonably good beef stew" and I thought - who would look at that and say, "I gotta try that!"

But then, I thought about it, and I figured, I actually have to admire the honesty - it didn't say Best Beef Stew recipe ever and then disappoint.

Controlling the expectations of your customers is one of the best things you can do - Who has heard the saying "under-promise and over-deliver?" It's one of the best ways to have happy customers, and that's something we all strive for.

Too often I see the best ever this, or greatest that you'll ever use. In truth, they don't live up to the hype. The fact is that if you're doing this, you're doing yourself, your product (whether it's beef stew or something else) and your customer a disservice.

Be honest about what you have, don't mislead your customers. If you want happy customers, you need to have the right customers, the ones your product is the right fit for. 

Make 2017 the best by setting proper expectations and being honest with your customers.