Add functionality beyond Skype for Business’ Response Group Services

Response Group Services (RGS) can provide call routing to groups of users in Skype for Business – out of the box.  For non-critical customer service, response groups can be helpful: the basic tools include hunt-group or simple IVR routing to agents, with basic queuing to manage volume.

When the process being managed grows in importance or complexity, many people find that response group functionality is limited and not very customizable.  However, adding features found in contact center software is often a viable solution, now that scalable, affordable software is available for Skype for Business.  This means internal functions or informal customer service centers that were not traditionally “call centers” now can make a huge leap forward in efficiency and effectiveness.

Functions that add value above and beyond response groups include:

1)      Multiple communication channels

RGS only supports voice interactions – but today, many people expect to communicate via IM and webchat, especially since Skype for Business was designed as a UC platform.  Contact center software can add the missing functionality and unify these new communication channels - improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2)      Enhanced IVR and intelligent routing

Response groups only have limited menu and response options. Modern contact center software offers nearly unlimited options, with modern interfaces that are easy to use. Interacting with available customer data to make these intelligent routing decisions is one powerful example of possible ways to use these tools.

3)      Real-time monitoring, call recording and reporting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  For those running important processes with RGS, it can be frustrating that it offers almost no management functionality – either monitoring or reporting.

Modern contact center software can serve up actionable data with real-time, proactive alerts.  Call recording adds value for training, compliance or in-house consultation.   With reporting, you can assess the effectiveness of your current efforts and make improvements as needed or gather valuable feedback from your users via surveys.

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