Improve customer service response time by 89,180%

There can be huge inefficiencies sunk into resolving customer service issues. But if your institution has Skype for Business (or Lync) deployed, you already have most of the infrastructure you need to make massive improvements.

Skype for Business unlocks the expertise in your organization by interconnecting departments with presence and IM, video and voice, making it easier to communicate and collaborate. With response groups in Skype for Business, you can add basic call routing to groups of users offering a basic level of support.

What do you do when response groups aren’t enough? Like our many clients, you can use Clarity Connect to add intelligent routing and queuing to Skype for Business in order to reimagine traditional customer service models. With presence and IM enabled via Skype for Business, you can deploy a collaborative contact center that unlocks the expertise within your organization.

For example, a leading online university deployed a collaborative contact center solution (with Clarity Connect) to cut a process that took 9.3 days on average to just 15 minutes. Call center agents couldn’t have access to financial aid information, and financial aid personnel couldn’t be tied up on the phones all day. But with a collaborative contact center solution, the sensitive data stayed in the right hands and the agents could do what they do best: customer service. The key – unlocking the expertise of the financial aid office by connecting the call center to them via IM.

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