What are your customers saying? Are you listening?

Listen to the voice of your customers with Clarity Connect and Virtual Observer.

Adding a speech analytics component to your collaborative call center can be the positive change your organization needs to maintain optimal service levels while achieving cost-reduction goals. With the partnership between Clarity Connect and Coordinated Systems Inc. (CSI), it has never been easier to implement a quality-assurance process that improves call center performance and delivers a deep view into the voice of your customers. Clarity Connect, the leading contact center native to Skype for Business, is fully integrated with CSI’s Virtual Observer (VO). Audio from every interaction is recorded by Clarity Connect and imported into Virtual Observer to enable the calls or IMs to be searched, evaluated, phonetically indexed, and more. VO offers screen recording and syncs it with the audio recording from Clarity Connect, blacking out screen recording for sensitive data. 

Listening to the voice of your customers is critically important for any organization – it’s a prerequisite for delivering the best service and support. For our purposes here, we’ll consider the voice of the customer in two different ways; customers’ responses through post-interaction feedback, and listening to the words and phrases customers used during a recorded interaction. 

VO’s Call Insight speech analytics functionality is a powerful tool that can help call center managers in any organization. The phonetic engine listens to each recorded interaction, automatically scoring the agent’s handling of the interaction based on key phrases spoken by the customer or agent. For example, John is an agent on the GeneriCo Support team and is currently handling a customer’s service inquiry regarding a battery life issue on their new Surface Book. He uses the proper phrases when speaking with the customer, and is able to resolve the issue. The customer, happy with John, says that it was the “best support experience she’s ever had.” VO’s Call Insight automatically scores this interaction with high marks, and sends the report to both John and the call center manager for further review. On the other hand, what if the call went poorly? John and the customer exchanged some unfriendly words and proceeded to argue on the call, which ended with the customer hanging up on John. The speech analytics engine will take note of the negative interaction in the post-call report so that John and his manager can take immediate corrective action to ensure that the transgressions won’t happen again. Training materials could also be served up automatically to the agent based on which part of the interaction they scored low on. 

Once you have insight, you’re ready to take action and bring the agent into the quality assurance process with VO’s Agent Portal. Here, agents can view and respond to their evaluations, automatically receive e-learning/training material based on their Call Insight scores. These powerful tools give you a true view of your customers’ sentiment and the performance of your agents, ensuring that your staff are always in touch with their performance and working towards improving the customer experience. VO’s Dashboard Analytics allows call center staff to drill down from department views, to agent views, down to question views and additionally enables the ability to click right to any referenced event recorded in Clarity Connect. Together, Virtual Observer and Clarity Connect provide the power you need to create the ideal call center experience for both your agents and the customers they serve.

As the premiere contact center solution native to Skype for Business, Clarity Connect provides a perfect platform for the WFO tools in CSI’s Virtual Observer. When you combine the premier Skype for Business contact center with the best WFO solution, you’ll gain unprecedented insight into your customer sentiment and agent performance – allowing you to act on customer feedback and improve the customer experience as a whole. 


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